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Re: Hard to start & won't idle 200T.

According to Robert:
> Look at your pollution control hoses.  You probably have a serious air leak.
> My '89 200TQ exhibited the same problems.  A hsoe, I fergit it's perzack
> name, running from the crakcase to the valve cover which apparently
> collect fumes for recycling thru the engine had deteriorated greatly.
> Replacing that hose solved the problem.  It is located almost dead center 
> in the engine compartment.
>     | Robert L. (Bob) Myers  <RMyers@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU> |    /       \

Yes...I took the car into a free clinic and they did say that the
hoses were bad so I replaced them.  As i recall they were for the
crankcase ventilation system.  All that happened about 9 months
ago.  Changing spark plugs did help but did not solve the 

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