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> On a different note...my 90 200T has developed a strange symptom.
> After it has  sat for several hours, occasionally it will not idle.
> I can keep it running by pressing on the accelerator lightly
> but when I remove it, the engine rpm are too low to keep
> it running.  If I would tap on the idle stabilization valve
> then all would be OK.  Has anyone had any experience in 
> cleaning or repairing these critters?  My 200 also seems
> a bit hard to start cold.  It takes about 4 seconds on the
> starter for it to fire.  Any suggestions on where to start?
> It has been that way since I bought the car 1 year ago.
> Thanks
> rich

Just replaced the plugs on my 89 100 with the "stock"
tri-electrode plugs and it starts easier.

As far as the idle stabilizer goes, I know other people 
have had success with taking it off and cleaning it out
with WD40,  although I'd use carburetor cleaner....IMHO

Mike L.

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