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Re: Second start works

>I had put this on the net previously but it was a lean period and
>I had received only one response so here it is.
>My 1990 Audi 100 always starts on the first try when cold. However, when
>it is warm (even a little) it always requires two tries. Although 
>a small inconvenience, I am wondering if this is a message of bad
>things to come. I have 72K miles on it, use 92 octane fuel, and it does
>this with both the single and triple electrode plugs.
>Your opinions please.
>Vikram Mittal.
Hi Vikram

I may have had a similiar problem, when warm the car (89 200Q) would 
stumble and stall,  sometimes making a loud pop, but always starting on 
the second try, so I had the injectors pulled and leak tested under pressure.
They all required cleaning (not talking Techron here) and they returned to 
spec (I forget, like 1 drip ~ minute).  I thought for sure they would need 
to be 
replaced, but my mechanic said they looked fine (car has 106K).

I haven't seen the prob return, but it was cool today. Still the car felt a 
little smoother.  For $60 I can't complain, if I did the job myself I probably
would have replaced the injectors needlessly.

If the car cranks alot before starting it could just be a check valve that 
the fuel from returning to the tank.  In that situation the fuel pump would need
time to fill the injectors again.    
jim h