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Re: Second start works


There is a technical bulletin on this problem.

I have not yet spent the time investigating it, but 
the fix may have something to do with the altitude sensor
located behind the side panel under the dash (driver's side).

Unless someone can enlighten us with details, I can look it up
on my microfiche.

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Subject: Second start works
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I had put this on the net previously but it was a lean period and
I had received only one response so here it is.

My 1990 Audi 100 always starts on the first try when cold. However, when
it is warm (even a little) it always requires two tries. Although 
a small inconvenience, I am wondering if this is a message of bad
things to come. I have 72K miles on it, use 92 octane fuel, and it does
this with both the single and triple electrode plugs.

Your opinions please.


Vikram Mittal.