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problem with 85 5000S cooling system

Hi All:

My car leaks coolant after the engine is shut off. It has done this ever
since I bought it 2 years ago. I have changed the radiator, the thermostat
and all hoses. The leak is from the upper radiator hose. However much I tighten
it it still leaks (mostly after the engine is shut off). The cooling fan
seems to cycle on and off normally, however I didnt measure the on and off
temperatures. Could that be my problem, a bad thermoswitch ? Also my oxy sensor
needs to be changed, could that cause over-heating ? 

Also, my temp guage is not functioning properly since it never goes above
the half mark so I cant use it as a temp reference.

BTW it doesnt loose a lot of coolant. About 1/2 quart per week.