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re: Dying cat...Ack?


When I worked as a technician at the VW dealer in the early 1980's I 
replaced several honeycomb type cat convertors that had broken up inside 
and rattled very badly. Other netters may have info on a aftermarket 
source to save some $. In some cases the cat convertor can suffer a 
partial meltdown and restrict the exhaust enough to cause running 
Scott M.

Peter_C_Schulz@ccmail.ed.ray.COM Wrote: 
| Hi all! 
| The last two weeks my Coupe Q has developed a rattle which is 
| becoming more and 
| more annoying.  I've isolated it to the exhaust (it doesn't 
| rattle in neutral).  
| catalytic convertor was loose and corroded.  This was not 
| making the offending 
| noise, however.  The noise appears to be coming from INSIDE 
| the cat. I thought 
| that cats were made with an internal honeycomb, plated with 
| platinum.  I don't 
| think that anything should come loose 
| Thanks.
| Peter Schulz
| 1990 Coupe Q