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Re: Dying cat...Ack?

> My cat had the death rattle this past spring. Audi wants $1800 Cdn for a
> new one while Linda at Carlsen quoted around $800 U.S.

When I've bought my Audi 5000CS '86 about 2 years ago it had the same
problem. Couple calls to the different muffler and exhaust shops resulted
in replacing catalitic convertor for $250 including labor. Car have passed
Maryland inspection which is pretty tough and there is no noise since 
then.  They didn't put in genuine Audi cat. But replacement they used
works just fine.   Shop doesn't specializes on audis, but specializes on
exhaust systems. 
I don't remember the shop name and address from the top of my head, but
if you are interested I can look up my records and post this information.

General idea is that it should be no big deal to find the same kind of shop 
in you area. Then, with their installation you will have at least one year