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Re: Oil grade

On Tue, 4 Oct 1994 zm@mhcnet.att.com wrote:
> > I know everybody was talking about synthetic oils recently and many felt
> > that Mobil 1 was a good oil.  Could someone tell me which grade of oil I
> > should be using in my 88 5000 TQ?  

> Above 0 degrees F - Mobil 1 15W50

i found 15W50 to be waaay to thick for my liking in the winter time..

> This is what I follow, based on my owners manual ('87 5000 TQ). Should
> be the same for your '88.

> Newer cars are using lower viscosity oils to increase fuel economy. But
> these engines have smaller clearances to keep the oil pressure in the
> correct range. Using thinner oil in an older car can drop the oil pressure
> and reduce lubrication. So its best to check your owner's manual and use
> the appropriate vicosity grade specified for the temperature range.

i am using castrol syntec 5W-50.  works wonderfully hot or cold..
i used this all summer and never had a problem with oil pressure.
it is also great in the winter where i can just start up and drive
off without having to wait for the oil to liquefy.. :)