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87 4000CS ?

>> From: 05-Oct-1994 0923 <moy@quek.enet.dec.com>
>> Date: Wed, 5 Oct 94 09:23:14 EDT
>> Subject: RE: Basic Questions

>> That's interesting. I didn't think that there were any 4 cylinder 4000s as
>> late as 87. Did you car come from outside the U.S.?

>> michael

   It is an 87. And I wish it had 5 cyls but alas there are only 4.  I am not
 the original owner, but I know the car was bought new at Park Audi in

   From other responses I am beginning to think that there may have
 been some badge switching or a somewhat strange car in terms of
 the CS badges it has....

  -Eric Sylvain