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Re: Audi news

In a prior note, Barry P. Lewis says:

>I saw a TV ad last night (Boston station) for the Audi quattro. They had
>an Audi, a BMW, and another car (forgot what), trying to get up a slippery
>hill. The Audi did fine of course.
>This is the first Audi ad I've seen that wasn't just something from a
>local dealership. They must be advertising more to increase sales.

You didn't see those "Soul of Audi" commercials that were on a few months
ago?   They were a little to subtle for my taste, but I was glad to see them
on TV.   I don't remember what channel they were one, maybe The Discovery
Channel, but I saw 2 or 3 different ads.  My friend in NY saw them also (I was
in Florida), so they were on nationally.  Anyone else see them?