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RE: Driving tips

Since you asked.....  :)  on diff locks: the owner's manual is actually
very good on this subject! What I remeber the manual said, and what I
practice, with the non-torsen cars is this:

on dry pavement -- no diffs locked

on wet pavement at highway speeds -- center diff locked, provides additional
stability, helps reduce the effects of hydroplaning and provides a good
level on ABS-like capability; makes it very tough to lock-up the rear
wheels under heavy braking

on snow & ice -- center diff locked, same as above but OK at slower speeds
and in tighter turns

in very deep snow and/or at very low speeds -- both diffs locked

if stuck or about to get stuck -- both diffs locked

if you have ABS -- lock center diff only if really needed for forward
traction, ABS helps more in an emergeny situation vs the additional
stability, especially at highway speeds

if autocrossing or you want rear-drive, power-on oversteer type handling
in snow or ice, rear diff only locked, I *REALLY* like this for lower-speed,
around-town type driving in snow & ice!  :)