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Re: Re[2]: Synthetics II

[from Mark Salem]
>OK, Someone please HELP me with this...Does that mean that my 88 5000 CSTQ may
>already have synthetic gear oil from the factory (i.e., no need to change it?)

I don't know if my tranny had synth fluid(87 5000S). But I had the most
difficult time in cold weather with 1st and 2nd gear. Now both gears work a
little better with MTL in the tranny. Could just be putting in fresh fluid.

The fluid drained out of the tranny looked like really abused motor oil.
Black and thick like molasses. Yuck!! Since the Audi manual said tranny oil
should never need replacing, I hope the newer oil I put in is not turning
to sludge but  will last forever.

Ernest Wong