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My "New" '87 5000CS Turbo Quattro

Well if any of you remember my post about three weeks ago about a 87 TQ
w/Hail damage,  I got it! and get this I got it for $2000!!!!

Now I have several new questions...

1. This car has a intermentiment miss under a load (Mainly when the turbo is
blowing boost) any Ideas?

2.  The ABS light stays on (yes the fuse and relay are good) 

3.  Sometimes it idles at 1250rpm and other times it idles at 850rpm (By the

4.  how do I clean the window switches so that they will work again?  (This
is driving my girlfried NUTS!)

5.  The diff locks sometimes light up and sometimes they don't

6.  Whats my best bet for more horsepower?

7.  the left hood latch will not.

That's all that I can think about now!  any ideas and answers would be

Eric Fletcher