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Re: Replacing front disks

Dear Alisdair,

Come on, I know that you've really got an Audi 80 (bet its only a CL) and not a 4000 ... honestly those people who convert the name of their cars so that those people over the water can understand what your talking about. I'm surprised you didn't change your name to Buck Rogers!

Joking apart, I did this job recently. Firstly, the contersunk screw wouldn't come out and since I don't own an imact driver, I drilled off its head. The disk was  siezed solid to the hub with rust.

My solution was remove the brake caliper and to take a junior hacksaw to the disk. You simply saw into the centre from opposite sides of the disk. It sounds hard going, but with a new blade it took no more than 10 minutes. Saw as far as you can disk  across the braking surface and then up the step. Be careful no to saw into the hub assembly. After sawing, I took a three pronged puller and snapped the thing in two. Before I hit on this idea I spent a coupled of weekends hitting it with a big hammer and giving myself ear damage.

If you choose the right places to saw it will snap around the locting screw making the stub of the holding screw accesible with a pair of pliers. Incidently, I picked up a new disk from German and Sweedish for 12 quid!