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Re: Audi news

|From: quattro-owner
|To: quattro
|Subject: Re: Audi news
|Date: Sat, Oct 8, 1994 4:29PM
|They had an excellent ad running here for a while. It showed the S4
|going up some mountain pass in the Andes with some obstacles in the
|way. Right at the end the said: " ... the most remarkable thing about this
|demonstration was that it was achieves without tires... ". And there
|the S4 stood ... on it's rims only, no tires at all ...

Interesting,  I thought that ad was kind of interesting, also.  However, 
most of the non-auto afficianotos I talked to thought the ad was quite 
stupid and didn't understand at all what Audi was trying to prove.  Frankly, 
I think maketing missed the mark with that one.