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Re: '8x Coupe rear light clusters

	Have you checked the wiring looms/harnesses for problems? The source of
the electrical shorts, opens, etc may lie in the wiring rather than the
light clusters. I remember reading an article or two on this list about
the wiring harnesses weakening at trunk (hatch in your case) lid joints
causing the wiring insulation to break down causing a lot of electrical
grief. Worth looking into before replacing those expensive light clusters.
You will have to remove the wiring sleeve or covering tape to notice any
hidden damage.

Can't help you much with the tranny switches except suggest that you may
find aftermarket parts much cheaper than the dealer. I had to replace the
brake light switch (by the pedal) on my '87 5000 TQ some months back. Found
a replacement for $7 at the local auto parts chain store, surprisingly
enough. Didn't even check with the dealer. By the way, what is the 5th gear
upshift lockout switch that you mention?


Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
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