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Re: final note about porsche discussion

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Thu Oct 13 13:28:57 1994
> From: Andrew Duane USG/PE <duane@zk3.dec.com>
> Hairy green toads from Mars made John Greenstreet say:
> > I saw one of these bad boys when I was in Switzerland, at a business
> > expo in Dietikon, a suburb just outside of Zurich.  A local dealer had
> > a used RS2 as well as a few Porsches and a Ferarri F40.  With the
> > Porsche wheels and brakes, it looks stunning.  The price was
> > SFr. 80,000., which translates to $65,000, but guess what: no airbags!
> > 
> > I'm not sure if the car is available with them, and that alone
> > would prohibit its importation.  But if one could be obtained that has
> > the US-spec airbags, AND is structurally identical to a model sold in
> > the US, it would be possible to bring it into this county.
> Necessary, but not sufficient. The US has sightly different requirements
> for lighting, window glass, windsheilds, and a dozen other little things.  
> It could cost a few thousand $$$ to replace all of that.

Absolutely, but a few thousand dollars for that equipment is less than
the millions that would be required to prove it would pass the crash
tests.  That said, I really doubt the $80,000 price mentioned earlier
in the thread for a new one.  A new one is well over $100K in Germany.

> There is also the emissions certification, which is like the crash
> test. It may be fine, but the EPA wants the car certified, which can
> be difficult and (surprise) expensive.

Interestingly, most any car now sold by the major German producers
is certified to meet what they call "US Norm" emission requirements.

Just wait 'till they send you the bill for the "Gas Guzzler" tax!

p.s. I think it's just great that trucks used as personal vehicles
are totally exempt from this misguided attempt at reducing fuel 
consumption!  What a country!

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