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RE: exhaust manifolds

Hi Dan,

>Mike at Sport Wheels seems to think they're around $800, but I'll learn
>more tomorrow when he's supposed to call me back with exact figures.

Let me know what Mike says.

>> As for replacement exhaust manifolds, there was an article the UK 
>> "VW/Audi Car" which showed the creation of a custom stainless steel 
>> manifold for TQCs and they are available for purchase. I can't find the 
>> for the company which is making them right now, but will look it up in 
>> old issue and post it along with the price they posted.

>Pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz, you need to find that magazine!!!

The article was in the July 94 issue. It seems that the cracking exhaust 
manifold is a very common problem and new ones from Audi cost $$$. It says 
that the manifold is mounted in such a way that it can't cope with vibration 
and carry the weight of the turbocharger. As a solution, a TQC owner went 
searching for replacements and found a compant which will make acustom 
welded stainless steel replacement. When producing the first one they made 
jigs so other manifolds can easily be made. The company which is producing 
them used to build the exhaust manifolds for  'works' rally cars and exhaust 
systems for other rally cars.

The prices listed are
 - supply and fit the exhaust manifold, 700 pounds
 - supply and fit a complete custom stainless steel exhaust system including 
manifold, 1500 pounds

It says they can supply a manifold which can be fitted elsewhere. Part of 
their solution for dealiong with the weight of the turbocharger is a 
triangular brace extending over the valve cover toward the turbo. After 
looking at the pictures closely, there isn't a mount for the O2 sensor. 
Hmmm. And this was performed on an 87 TQC with the WR engine.

The person to talk to is
Hayward and Scott
Unit 11,
Nobel Square,
Burnt Mills Industrial Estate,
Basildon  SS13 1LS
C/O Gordon Scott

Tel #  0268 727256
FAX # 0268 590772

Let me know what you find out.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com