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FW: Audi Price Cuts

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I keep hitting "Reply" and sending to the 
"Quattro-Owner" address by mistake.

  > A4, A5, A6, etc.  This is probably another attempt to distance the name
  > from the dreaded 5000 unintended acceleration ghost.

I can't believe that the whole "unintended acceleration" thing is still an 
issue, but I agree that it is.  I get a lot of comments about it when people 
learn that I drive an Audi.

I have a couple of questions about the whole thing.  First, how long ago has 
been and has 60 minutes ever retracted or backed down a little from their 

Also, why hasn't Audi had a taken a more aggressive position (beyond 
changing the model names)?  Wasn't the whole thing more or less disproved?