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Re: FW: Audi Price Cuts

> I can't believe that the whole "unintended acceleration" thing is still an 
> issue, but I agree that it is.  I get a lot of comments about it when people 
> learn that I drive an Audi.
> I have a couple of questions about the whole thing.  First, how long ago has 
> been and has 60 minutes ever retracted or backed down a little from their 
> story?

I think it was around 1986.  I know it was after I bought mine (june 85).
60 minutes continues to stand by the story, either when they re-run it or
are interviewed about it.

> Also, why hasn't Audi had a taken a more aggressive position (beyond 
> changing the model names)?  Wasn't the whole thing more or less disproved?

They probably figured it was simpler to bury it and get on with rebuilding their
shattered market share.  It took years for them to be fully exonerated by all 
the various agencies.  Even a big public win against 60 minutes probably
wouldn't bring back many customers, people being suspicious of flip-flops in 
the media and whatnot.

I bet with the example set by GM in the pickup truck case, were the same thing
to happen now, they would probably be more aggressive about it.

>  -Frank

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