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Re: Re[2]: '8x Coupe rear light clusters

[from Peter Schulz]
>regarding your upshift light coming on in fifth gear... I used to own a 16V
>Scirocco.  I ran into the same annoying problem, so I carcked open the ever
>popular Bible, better known as the Bentley Manual.  According to the manual,
>the fact that the upshift light is coming on may be indicative of a failure of
>the backup licht switch, which is located on the transmission.  Sure enough,
>replacing the switch got rid of the annoying upshift light in fifth gear
>problem,  and gave me back my backup lights.
[stuff deleted]

My poor 87 5000S (its now got bent sunroof, leaking exhaust manifold and no
5th gear lockout switch) has a non-functioning 5th gear lockout switch. My
back-up lights work fine though. Does this data point confuse the issue
some more?!?
When the upshift light is on in 5th gear, I know I'm probably not driving
hard/fast enough on the highway.:-)

Ernest Wong