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More on the quality thing...

Most people who own Audis end up falling in love with them.  They are
a car of high quality.  Some break, just as some Acuras and Hondas and 
Toyotas...end up in the shop.  I still cannot understand why people should
expect something as complex as the modern automobile to never break is
foolish.  And the fact remains that most cars on the road today are quite 

	My family has owned 9 different Audis.  All except two have been
excellent.  Of the two, one suffered from a neglegent and abusive first
owner.  Still, Audi stood behind that car, even past the warrenty.  My 
dad's 93 100 suffered some early teething problems, but once again Audi
went above and beyond the warrenty and now the car is trouble free.  
My own 88 90 has not given me even a hint of trouble.

	For those who like them, Audis are extraordinary cars.  I wouldn't 
drive much else no matter how "reliable" it is.  For those who don't like 
them, well, they will never get even if Audis get so get that last 1,000,000
miles and require no oil or maintenance.  

	One more thing, SUVs are fine if they are used within their alleged
purpose.  They pull boats and go through deeper snow and haul ply-wood 
just fine.  In my state, however, the myriad minivan, "bronco", pick up
truck drivers drive them as if they were designed for the autobahn.  They
are unwittingly at 10/10ths all the time.  They tailgate, jack-rabbit start
, weave their way through traffic and generally outdrive both themselves 
and their truck.  Yes, trucks do all things better that trucks should do
better.  Don't compare them to Audis , quattro or not, because I am sure
Piech never intended for his cars to haul construction equipment through muddy cattle ruts.
Audis are reasonably fast, highly competent driver's cars.  Trucks, even
with leather interiers, are glorified lorries.  They should be used as 
such.  (I actually had on schmuck in a suburban try to race me.  I was
in my brother's Porsche.  Some "challenges" don't even have to be met to
be put down.)

Just something that's been on my mind.


Jeremy Walker        Minneapolis, MN