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Re: Re[2]: Audi Price Cuts

> > From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Fri Oct 14 10:03:07 1994
> > Date: Fri, 14 Oct 94 09:23:30 EDT
> > From: J_T_Douglas%mwcorp1@MWMGATE1.mitre.org
> > 
> > 2. German cars have sparse interiors and little "surface excitement" on the 
> > outside (thank God!).  Driving is serious in Germany, and their is no need for 
> > entertainment inside.  As one German said to me about meager radios in their 
> > (home market) cars, "we don't need a disco at 200 kph!"  Japanese cars, of 
> > course, are filled with extraneous crap, like lights that tell you your gas cap 
> > is open :-)  The typical American consumer probably feels like a nice, quality 
> > German car is stripped, and is unwilling to pay the price for quality that he 
> > doesn't understand or see.
> First of all, I agree with everything you say, but would like to add
> that not all German interiors are exaclty Spartan.  In R&T's comparison
> review of the Audi 100, Acura Legend, Lexus ES300, et al, the Audi got
> the highest marks in interior styling.  Heck, I had to go to a Mercedes
> S-class to get a better interior, but it is breathtaking, and the
> exterior styling of the car gains approving nods and comments no matter
> where I go.  The stereo, a Bose Beta system, has been rated tops by
> audio publications here and abroad, and it is truly amazing: the sound
> seemingly comes from nowhere, with impeccable soundstage and identical
> quality no matter where one sits.  The stereo system in the Audi 100
> series is also better than all Japanese systems except perhaps the
> deluxe system in the Lexus SC400, which is also excellent.  
[ John's feature description deleted ] 

Sounds like Consumer Reports strikes again.  CR stated that the interior 
of the Audi 100/90 was awful!  They basically described it as spartan
and having poor ergonomics.  I have always thought Audi had some of the
best ergonomics around and one of the most pleasing interiors.
I guess not having oscillating vents or strategicly placed cup holders
really hurt Audi in CR.  It's also interesting to read the recent CR
report on the VW Golf ///.  They basically liked the car but complained 
about the lack of a glovebox, and actually not having a multitude of
cubby holes like the better (Japanese) cars. 


Daniel Adams