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Re: The shakes at 70mph - 4000

eds@VFL.Paramax.COM writes:
> [ 385K mile Audi 4000 ]
> That mileage figure is correct.  I'm the original owner so I can give you
> the history.
> [ ... ]

It's so neat to hear from people with high mileage Audis.  My 4000 just
turned over 200K miles last week.  I took a picture of the dash with
the 200000 clearly visible during that "historic" moment, as I did when
the car made 100K miles.  I get a real rush knowing that this car has
been absolutely dependable all these years.  Sure, I have replaced
a lot of things in this car (2.0 liter last year at 180K miles,
suspension, exhaust, interior etc.), but precious few things were
replaced because they were broken.  It's my desire for more performance.
The original 1.6 was still going strong but I waited 180K miles too long.
Heck, all the light bulbs in the dash are original, as are the tail lights!
The original suspension bushings are still in good shape, and there is
no play in the steering.

For those of you who are not aware, this is the same car that was featured
in the April 1994 issue of European Car magazine.

Keep running up those proud Audi miles!

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