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Re: Re[2]: Audi Price Cuts

> On Fri, 14 Oct 1994 adams@churchill.columbiasc.ncr.com wrote:
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> > > > From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Fri Oct 14 10:03:07 1994
> > > > Date: Fri, 14 Oct 94 09:23:30 EDT
> > > > From: J_T_Douglas%mwcorp1@MWMGATE1.mitre.org
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> > Sounds like Consumer Reports strikes again.  CR stated that the interior 
> > of the Audi 100/90 was awful!  They basically described it as spartan
> > and having poor ergonomics.  I have always thought Audi had some of the
> > best ergonomics around and one of the most pleasing interiors.
> > I guess not having oscillating vents or strategicly placed cup holders
> > really hurt Audi in CR.  It's also interesting to read the recent CR
> > report on the VW Golf ///.  They basically liked the car but complained 
> > about the lack of a glovebox, and actually not having a multitude of
> > cubby holes like the better (Japanese) cars. 
> If I paid more then 30K for an Audi 90, I would expect it to have tilt
> steering - I wonder why the Audi designers left out that one..
The idea was that the steering wheel should be stationary and the seat be
height/rake adjustable.  Thus the person driving would adjust their seat
so that there body is positioned to the steering wheel and that the steering
wheel's postion was ideal.  For the record BMW has just recently offered
tilt in the 3-er and I am not sure if Mercedes offers tilt in the C-class. 
Or maybe I am making excuses for owning two cars that listed for $30K new
and neither has tilt steering.

For $30K I would like to see more of the nice features of VWs offered on
the Audi 90, to include the ability to close windows/sunroof with the
door lock key, and variable intermittant wiper.  Simple and probably cheap. 


Daniel Adams