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Hone Marks was RE: 4-cylinder engine

>Sounds like a bug to me - the walls should be polished to a >mirror-like
finish after the first thousand or so miles . . . >else the rings are not

Sorry to rain on your parade, BUT, The walls should always have the cross
hatching on them otherwise the walls can't hold  an oil film that is needed
for both lubrication AND ring sealling.

Over my years of running in SODA, SCORE and Micky Thompson Stadium and
Offroad series all using the VW 1600 4 bangers that I built,(Something like
200 motors built) I NEVER saw a motor that had polished walls, sometimes they
were scored (That was always due to parts floating around where the
should'nt!!) but they alway had the hone marks. Trust me these are WAY
overbuilt engines. My coupe is a great example it has NEVER been opened up
and it has OVER 330,000 Miles!

Eric Fletcher
'81 Coupe 330K Miles and Still Going
'87 5000CS Turbo Quattro