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Re: Headlight switch, and lots more

On Oct 19,  9:00am, Alan Cordeiro wrote:
> Subject: Headlight switch, and lots more
> >Is the switch "fried" completely (unfixable)?
> >Price of a new one?
> >Maybe Alan (Cordiero) could enlighten us as to what brand of dual headlight
> >relay he used in his conversion ("RE: fog lights/driving lights", 21 Sep
> >94).
> >Any info is appreciated, thanks.
> >Brad Shurter -
> Hi Brad,
> I sent, ( or thought I sent a reply ) yesterday evening, but since it has
> not appeared on the net yet, i suspect I "clicked" on one of the wrong
> icons when I tried to deliver. so here goes again...
> I lost my headlight switch over a year ago, when my wife broke the
> stalk (while trying to reset the odometer through the steering wheel
> and simultaneously turning out from the gas station ). I tried epoxy
> and it held out a few months, got me a chance to order a replacement.
> Shokan sold me a switch for about $120, ( 99% exact replacement ).
>-- End of excerpt from Alan Cordeiro

I recently had my odometer repaired by a shop that specializes in VDO guages
and was told by the shop owner that I should never poke the odometer button
while the car is moving. This has nothing to do with the headlight switch, but
may be useful info.

-- Rob