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Re: Audi 5000 Question. 85?

James Steele wrote:
 > The light for the brake 
 > systems (Power steering fluid, something, I don't ahve the manual in 
 > front of me).   Sounds every time I hit the brakes!  Exactly what is 
 > this?  Burned sensor, burned pump?  Or something compplicated.

Seems like the recent mail, with the subject "brake idiot light", might
apply to your case.

This happened to my `86 5000S awhile ago. The brake warning light came on 
a few seconds after hard braking. The pedal was pulsating after that.
Then the light went out soon after I eased off the pedal. In my case,
it was the pressure regulator valve that is part of the hydraulic 
accumulator. I replaced the accumulator, bled the system, and that fixed

Other causes could be a really bad pump or the front pads, which have a 
sensor built-in. I think it depends on the color of your warning light.

FYI, the quattro archive "hydraulic_oil" has a section on bleeding the
system. I'm not sure on how independent the steering circuit is from the
braking system, but I followed the steps spelled out in the Bentley manual. 
Memory doesn't always serve me, but this is how I did it:

       Have a can of this special fluid.

       Pump brake pedal 20 times.

       Jack up front of car (takes the load off the steering rack)
       Remove the hose off the reservoir that came from the steering rack
       and get a jar to collect the old oil.

       Fill reservoir; start car 

       Turn steering wheel lock-to-lock slowly (try to avoid forcing 
       wheel past the lock points) and fill reservoir as needed.

       Close up, Check brakes and steering. Once brakes feel solid (my
       pedal feel is always a little spongy), stand on the pedal _hard_
       for about 3 seconds and repeat quickly 4 times. Hopefully, no more 

If the problem was due to low pressure (not lack of storage), other parts
of the system might start to leak due to the now-correct (high) pressure. 
Check around the pump and line fittings, just in case.

Before tossing the old accumulator, drill a 1/8" hole on the side of 
this "bomb" in case there's still pressure in it. Your sanitation engineer
would appreciate that.

Places to buy:

  Zafer Mehmood wrote (in part):
  " ... I bought it from PAP for $199" ... "800-944-2964"

  Jeff_Skelley wrote (in part):
  "... Shokan is quoting me $245 for a new pressure accumulator."
   My book says 800-255-2834 (ALL-AUDI)

  I got mine from IPC (Fresno, CA) 800-472-1144 from "Rod". He negotiates
  often, might include the oil in the deal, and if you like his price and
  delivery, get the catalog free with the purchase ($10 otherwise). It's
  pretty thick full of part #'s, which model/VIN it applies to, and 
  descriptions.  I don't recall if they have the Bentley manual, but I
  found it's the best investment for my Audi. He'd shipped as promised,
  but I once got a radiator from them that had one mounting point that 
  didn't have the same thread-pitch which caused me to break the crude 
  tack weld holding that square nut ...

-- Eddi