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Re: Couple of questions for you

On Wed, 19 Oct 1994, Richard Thomsen wrote:
> 	What recommendations do you have for winter
> 	tires (and spring mud, as I live off of dirt roads that become
> 	muddy during the spring)?  How do I find the wheel rim size to
> 	ask for if I want to get steel wheels?

i think the factory recommends 195/65's.  don't remember the rim
size, but 6X15's are very commonly and cheaply available.  these
should work just fine.. i'll leave the M+S tire recommendations to

> 4)	My front shocks are weak, and I understand that Boge gas struts
> 	are the recommendation.  When I called Stranos and Carlson about
> 	them, they could not get them.  Any ideas where I can get them
> 	at a low cost?

RD Enterprises 800 683 2890.. best prices in town .. consider the Pro Gas
too.  speaking of which i haven't received mine yet... they should cost
in the $60-$70 range from RD.