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Re: Couple of questions for you

> 1)	There is a squealing noise when I have started the engine and
> 	then step on the gas.  It sounds like a belt slipping, but did
> 	not happen at idle so I could not check it.  I sprayed some
> 	belt stuff on the belts that I could get to, and tightened up
> 	the belt to the hydraulic pump, and it quit for a while but is
> 	now back.  Yesterday, it happened at idle, and I looked into
> 	the engine compartment, but all belts and pulleys were moving.
> 	I had assumed that, if the belt was slipping, the pulley would
> 	not be moving, but I suppose it could be moving slowly.

Most likely it is a loose belt, probably the alternator belt. Check the
tension on each belt - press down firmly with your thumb on the belt
midway between the pulleys and it should move about 1/2 inch. Tighten
if necessary. A slipping belt does not mean that the pulley won't be
moving - that'll happen only if the belt is way too loose.
> 2)	My temp guage works intermittently (more not than working).
> 	I took off the connector and tried to clean it, but it did no
> 	good.  What part do I ask for when getting a replacement?

You need to replace that "multi-function sensor". It is around $90
at the dealer but cheaper elsewhere. Look up the recent thread here,
"3 or 4 pin sensor". I had the same problem on my car until I replaced
the sensor over a year ago. No problems since.

> 4)	My front shocks are weak, and I understand that Boge gas struts
> 	are the recommendation.  When I called Stranos and Carlson about
> 	them, they could not get them.  Any ideas where I can get them
> 	at a low cost?  Someone also suggested Monroes as a cheap but
> 	good alternative.

Try RD Enterprises (800)-683-2890. They are generally the cheapest for
shocks. I'd recommend Boge Turbo Gas over Monroe. 

- Zafer
87 5000 CS TQ