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Re: Results & 2 questions :)

> Hi Everyone,
> well, because of your advice, I switched to Mobil 1 in my 5000TQ and it's 
> pretty incredible: acceleration is smoother, higher revs are quieter, etc...
> I highly recommend synthetic oil! Thanks for everybody's advice about this.

How many miles do you have on your 5000? I've been toying with the
idea of switching to synthetic in my 100Q for a while, but I've been
told that it's a "bad idea" once you have more than a few thousand miles.
Is this not true?

For dinosaur oil, I recently discovered Sunoco Ultra oil (thanks to
a $0.79 sale at Auto Palace). It may not be synthetic, but it made
a BIG difference.

> Now for my 2 questions: 
> 1) I have an ANNOYING squeak/rattle coming from the rear-left shocks; at
> least I think it's from the shocks.  Strangely enough, it seems to disappear
> when it gets cold; probably because the metal contracts, whichever metal
> that is...Anyway, my mechanic says I can't do anything about it; but I just
> can't believe I have to deal with this annoying sound.  PLEASE HELP...

Does it sound like a spring creaking? I have the same sound, and I'm at
a loss for what to do. I looked around for some piece of spring rubbed
clean, but found nothing. I think it may be the springs squishing
around in whatever holds the body to them up top. Oh well....

> 2) my car over-vibrates about once a second at idle...and also, sometimes 
> acceleration is a little hesitant...I assumed I had dirty fuel injectors
> so I used quiet a few fuel-additives that were supposed to help...I didn't
> really notice any improvement.  Could anyone please give me any hints
> as to what it might be and what I could do about it?

Once again, my 100Q does this, too. My wife's 20V 90Q doesn't, I think
because it idles higher (950 vs. 700 RPM). I think it may just be some
kind of resonant frequency of the 5000/100 body at that RPM. I may try
to adjust the idle, but that is not easy to do. How I long for that old
carburetor screw you could just twiddle  ;-)


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