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Re: Re[2]: Bridgestone tires

>> Tyres have improved dramatically in the three
>> generations since these hit the market, and they've been
>> cellar-dwellers in any tests I've seen.  
>Well, John, in response to your question (YMMV of course), my recommendation
>of Comp T/As is based on actually owning and *driving* on the tires.  I
>have Dunlop D40M2s on my li'l red toy presently, and I don't like them as
>well as either the P7s or P700s that proceeded them (and they are truly
>"dated designs").  The Dunlops are adequate tires, but I *personally* don't
>find them as communicative as the Pirellis were in the dry conditions I
>usually try to limit the Pcar to. OTOH, the Dunlops *are* superior in the
>wet, but see the preceding sentence.
>My experience with BFG Comp T/As started with their first generation.  I

>Bart Chambers
>'77 Feline Varmint Felix, Gray Tabby
>'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Indischrot
>'87 Syncro (Stealth Quattro)
Well all this chest beating on both sides is great entertainment, but . . .

This started when we were asked if the RE900 was a good tire for a 
90 Q (Heidi remembered previous discussions about the RE 71(V) )
My catalogs showed the RE900 as a B Temp tire and I knew that
the Comp T/A s had both better ratings and sound Net wisdom behind
them, so I suggested looking for a deal on these.  I have no pertinent 
experience with the T/As or the new Dunlop D*0 class (I wasn't
snubbing them)

Tire tests would be great if we knew all the variables (what car, what 
surface what temperature etc.)  Extrapolating for all conditions is just 
asking for trouble.  But thats usually all we get so we live with it.

Interestingly, Bart has a point about how the tire communicates (I don't 
think that this can be rated in a test).  I think if I went to a tire dealer
and asked how it communicates I would get laughed at, but its certainly 
an important feature.

Ok, I'm done, now where were we?

jim h