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RE: Audi factory visit info

Hi Scott,

>I am going over to Germany on a business trip and I am going to attempt to
>visit the Audi factory in Ingolstadt (spelling?). Does anyone in the group
>have any information on factory tours for Audi and the other German
>manufacturers (Porsche, BMW, MERCEDES etc)? Any recommendations on Car
>museums I should see while I'm over there?

In the Oct 94 issue of VW/Audi Car magazine there is travel information 
about touring the Audi factories with the UK club 'Club Audi'. It says that 
the Ingolstadt factory is currently being re-organized for production of the 
new A4 and won't be open to visitors until after December.  In light of 
this, 'Club Audi' will be touring the Neckarsulm factory where the A6 and 
the all-aluminum A8 is being built. The 'Club Audi' trip is scheduled for 
Oct 23 - 27. They also go and visit some of the Audi tuners. Last year they 
got in to see the Abt and Schmidt Motor Sport facilities.

Hope this helps.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com