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important note about boge shocks availability

   mike, the shocks are not directly imported by RD.  it is boge that is hung
   up, not RD.  incidentally, when i ordered the shocks in august, it wasn't
   available anywhere else either except for one place who wanted the sky for
   in any case, this is my second set of shocks that i bought from RD.  the
   first set of turbo gas arrived very promptly and at that time there were
   some questions as to whether they were the right ones. RD were the only
   people who guaranteed that they were the right ones and even said that
   they would get boge to compensate me, take them back, etc if they

I don't know if this is the same outfit or not, but back in my Lotus days,
an "RD Enterprises" was one of the good places to obtain parts for one's
Lotus. I had zero problems with them on a coupla orders. They seemed quite
knowledgeable on the subjects. I kinda vaguely remember (this was nearly
10 years ago) that they were in PA, but I also kinda vaguely remember that
I heard they had moved . . .

For whatever it's worth.