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Re: Re[2]: Bridgestone tires

> Well all this chest beating on both sides is great entertainment, but . . .
> This started when we were asked if the RE900 was a good tire for a 

And, I might add, so has the history lesson! (he added with a great big

> Tire tests would be great if we knew all the variables (what car, what 
> surface what temperature etc.)  Extrapolating for all conditions is just 
> asking for trouble.  But thats usually all we get so we live with it.
> Interestingly, Bart has a point about how the tire communicates (I don't 
> think that this can be rated in a test).  I think if I went to a tire dealer
> and asked how it communicates I would get laughed at, but its certainly 
> an important feature.

You know, when Jim is *Right*, he's really RIGHT!
> Ok, I'm done, now where were we?

Where were we, when?


Bart Chambers
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