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Re: RS2 turbochargers

>An article I read recently about the Nothell tweaked S2s says that the RS2 
>uses a bigger turbo than the standard S2, but Nothell goes down a different 
>path. The normal turbine section is retained, but with a different rotor, 
>driving a larger compressor section. This is to ensure that the turbocharger 
>responds just as quickly, but pumps more air. The article mentions that the 
>Nothell S2 is making  a little over 300 hp , right around the stock RS2 and 
>that there is much potential left in the RS2. He is planning a 400hp version 
>that car.
> -
>Dave Lawson dlawson@ball.com

At the Quattro Club event in Denver was an S4 owned by Dave Feurst (sp?).
This car had one of Ned's computers and as Ned told me was running the stock
turbo with a larger compressor. I rode in this car on the track while it was
carrying 5 large adults (about 700lbs of passengers).  This car was very
quick, even by S4 standards.  According to Ned Dave also had a larger turbo
he had been experimenting with. He removed it for the Q Club event because
the hose kept popping off the intercooler. With the larger turbo, according
to Ned, this car was good for an additional 7 mph in the quarter mile.
Sorry, I don't know what the base quarter mile performance.

Dave was that the "abt" car with the RS2 turbo?

Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org