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Re: Car selection

>Hairy green toads from Mars made Ned Bennett say:
>> "What car are we taking?" she asked.  Hummmmmmmm
>> 81 Scirocco S Turbodiesel               85 Chevy Suburban
>> 82 VW Cabriolet                         86 5K
>> 83 TQC                                  86 GTI G60
>> 85 5K Turbo                             87 4K Coupe
>OK, I'll ask. What is the Suburban for? In case one of the others
>breaks down, can you roll it into the back and drive it home?
>This is an interesting selection of cars. Any stories about how
>it evolved?

Now we know what Ned does when someone doesn't pay his bill

:-)  :-)

jim h
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