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Re: Re: Audi factory visit info, now Nurbegring track info

> PS: If you rent a BMW get one with a larger engine. BMW has the policy
>     of putting different speed limiter into the ROM (in order to sell the
>     larger engines). Eg. my Dad's 525i is therefore limited to 225kmh,
>     which annoyed me quite a bit, since I had a relatively empty (Rare
>     occasion!!!) Autobahn on a Sunday morning on my way from Frankfurt to
>     Munich. On my way back I was lucky driving 120kmh due to heavy traffic.

I didn't think that any of the German autos sold in Germany were limited.
I would have a hard time seeing the 3400-3600 lb 525i with only 189hp
doing more than 140 mph (225kph).  I do know that the 520s will cruise
at 125 mph all day with no problem, as experienced in my cousins on trips
between Munich and Stuttgart.

My last trip to Germany I had a 316i, since no Audis or VR6 VWs were
available. And it's meager 102 hp engine could get me to 120 mph (190 kmh)..
downhill.  I kept feeling it cut back at that speed, and thought
that darn speed limiter.  But a quick scan of the tach and I realized
it was the rev-limiter :^o  

Keep in mind when renting in Germany that gas is expensive and parking
space scarce.  That is why I didn't rent the 2.8 100 two years ago,
even though they had a heck of a deal.  Rented a 2.0 80 instead and 
was quit pleased.  Hmmm, that may be why I bought a 90CS last year.


Daniel Adams