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re: Re: Re: Audi factory visit info


Once again I want to thank EVERYONE who responded to my inquiry about 
visiting Germany. I especially like the tips on which BEER halls to visit. 
I have made reservations to visit the BMW factory in Munich, and am trying 
to reserve a spot for the Porsche factory outside Stuttgard. I am also 
attempting to get to the AUDI factory in Neckarsulm on Wed. Oct. 26th to 
meet up with the CLUB AUDI group from the UK. I have been unable to find 
out from Audi of America if advanced reservations are required for their 
factory tours. I will call the Audi HQ when I arrive in Germany. It 
appears that the Ingolstadt factory is indeed closed to vistors at this 

I located the Nuburgring just south of Koln as reported. Without the 
location tip I would never have found it! I am hoping to take a run around 
the ring! I also located the Hockinheim race track nearby.
Thanks again