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Re: Experiences with IPC parts

 > Hi, I was wondering if anyone would share experiences with IPC (Import
 > Parts Connections). 

Been happy with them overall. Bought mostly parts for the hydraulics.
A little bargaining and they (Rod) threw in a couple of cans of fluid.
Bought a swedish radiator that didn't quite fit in one place.
Delivery is as promised and only once had a back order. But I have to
weigh the >8% tax when pricing. They got a good catalog.

 > They have an ad in EC that I responded to for
 > a driveshaft for my 4000s. Their remanufactured unit (that uses 
 > original Lobro joints) was $120 which sounds pretty good, much
 > cheaper than other places. Anybody have any recommendations for
 > this outfit or any others? Thanks
 > 		Ed Armstrong

I priced a remanufactured half-axle assembly from Intex Auto (San Jose, CA, 
408-988-2660) for $185/or-best-price ('86 5000S 5spd. driver's side). 
I've run 20K on the right one and it's OK so far (that's not saying 
much). They claim to use the original joints. If needed, the "sockets" are
machined and oversized balls are used. Otherwise, the joint is repacked.

How "deep" is the surface-hardening of the joint pieces? Lobro probably
didn't design these for rework. Even if there's room to work, it's hard 
to determine quality. Anyone know of a good re-builder?

Tempting, though- get a whole axle for the price of a joint and save some
time. But, Hey, time is free for us weekend shade-tree monkeys, right? ;^)

-- Eddi Jew
 '86 5000S
 '86 VW GTI