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Re: Repco Metal Masters

In a previous message,Jakov Seizovic writes:
>On screwing back in the pistons of the rear brake calipers:
>You can "make" the 12mm-hex key out of a 12mm-head bolt and one or more of its
>nuts. You screw the nuts on, put the head of the bolt into the piston hole,
>and use the regular socket (around the nuts) to turn the whole contraption.

Unfortunately, my complaint was that there WASNT a hex socket to use in the
piston....just two slots on the edges.  If there had been a hex-socket, it
would have been a 10 minute job...without it, it was a 30 minute job and
wasn't very pretty.

Thanks for the tip anyway, but beware....Bently shows the socket, but on mine,
there is none.

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