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"Chipping" your car?

Dave Lawson <dlawson@ball.com> wrote:
> - I had a very long discussion with Ned Ritchey of Intended Acceleration and 
>one of the topics was Superchips. If anyone is interested, I can post some 
>of Neds thoughts.

	I would like to hear of Ned Ritchey's commments or anyone's who has used
an aftermarket chip in their Quattro, esp. the V8.  The chip is nice because it
is easy, but can they do better than the factory without changing the design
parameters too much?  Like we want performance, who cares if it starts on a cold 

	I think the first thing I am going to do is add the Jacobs ignition
stuff, anyone else use it?  I got the Jacobs book and it seems he knows what
he is speaking about, but maybe it is just marketing that I had to pay for.