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Re: Audi quality

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Mon Oct 24 10:04:24 1994
> Date: Mon, 24 Oct 94 09:38:25 EDT
> From: jackvg@lehman.com (Jack Van Geldern)
> 	I didn't see the survey, but I think the dealer was quoting a JD Power
> survey of quality problems after 5 years and said Audi was 3rd, after Cadillac(1)
> and Mercedes(2).  Did anyone see that survey?

Yep, it looked just like this:

JD Power Five-Year Vehicle Dependability Survey
from Autoweek 4/4/94.

Domestic cars built in 1989 are close to Asian makes' quality when
measured after five years of ownership. That's the word from
J.D. Power's latest Vehicle Dependability Study, a survey of nearly
22,000 car owners.

After 90 days of ownership, the U.S. nameplates had 34% more problems
than the asian cars. European cars experienced 47% more problems than
the Asian cars.  But at five years of ownership, these differences
have shrunk to 5 and 11 percent, respectively.

Below are the top five places in the five-year survey, followed by the
others over the industry average of 100.  (Below average finishers
are not reported).

1.  Cadillac          121
2.  Mercedes-Benz     119
3.  Audi              112
4.  Buick             111
5.  BMW/Acura/Honda   110

6.  Porsche           N/A
7.  Oldsmobile        N/A
8.  Toyota            N/A
9.  Lincoln           N/A
10. Mercury           N/A
11. Nissan            N/A
12. Mazda             N/A
13. Mitsubishi        N/A
AVERAGE               100

There was also this:

>From the July 7, 1993 issue of USA Today:

CAR SATISFACTION: Lexus, Toyota's luxury-car division, won the top
rating for customer satisfaction for the third year in a row, but its
lead over Nissan's Infiniti narrowed, J.D. Power & Associates says.
Rounding out the top five:  GM's Saturn, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.
Toyota led light trucks, followed by GM's Oldsmobile and Chrysler's
Dodge.  This survey, which drew more than 31,000 responses, measures
customer satisfaction with dealerships and the repair and reliability
records after a year.

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