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Lousy reception with aftermarket stereo in Audi

Hi folks -- I suffer the same "poor reception" affliction in my Audi and
and relieved to hear that I'm not the only one with marginal FM and non-
existent AM.  I've installed a Denon head unit, Precision Power rear amp,
Harada power (up-down) antenna with a separate signal booster.  I've 
wired everything directly off the battery to isolate the system from the
factory harness.  I've run new wires between the amp and rear speakers and
even replaced the antenna lead.  To top it all off, I installed a 20amp
noise filter in the power line to isolate both the head unit and the rear
amplifier.  Guess what???  Still poor reception!  What am I missing?  I
can't count how many times I've pulled my dash apart to try to figure out
where the problem is.  Any enlightenment you receive or can provide will
be greatly appreciated --- what have you found out?

Thanks in advance!!!

					- Chris

PS - I've noticed that my reception of fringe stations is slightly better
when the ignition is off.  When I turn the key to the "run" position (even
without starting the car) the fringe stations disappear.  Any ideas?  I
know it's not the head unit 'cuz I've swapped it out with a friend's Denon
pull-out and mine works great in his truck and his works lousy in my Audi.