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Re: Tightning the belt, its all in the timming.

> I moved the water pump (to adjust the  tension) enough to break the seal and
> tighten everything without replacing the gasket.  No leak occurred 
> afterwards.

Don't even think of doing this.  For the expense of less than a buck, you
could have to re-do all of the labor, just to save a few pennies.  

Heck, I just ordered a 100 stainless steel nuts, as I've used up my old supply.
I use them on all of the exhaust systems, on my cars.  Along with the SS nuts,
I use high nickel content, lot controlled anti-seeze.  O.K., O.K., I do get the
anti-seeze for free.  The point is, if you are going to cheat anyone, don't
cheat yourself.