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Re: Tightning the belt, its all in the timming.

Point well taken... The intention was not to save pennies.  It was Sunday
afternoon, dealer was closed.  car was needed on Monday, etc etc....

> From: quattro
> To: quattro
> Subject: Re: Tightning the belt, its all in the timming.
> Date: Monday, October 24, 1994 9:20PM
> >
> > I moved the water pump (to adjust the  tension) enough to break the seal 
> > tighten everything without replacing the gasket.  No leak occurred
> > afterwards.
> >
> Don't even think of doing this.  For the expense of less than a buck, you
> could have to re-do all of the labor, just to save a few pennies.
> Heck, I just ordered a 100 stainless steel nuts, as I've used up my old
> supply.
> I use them on all of the exhaust systems, on my cars.  Along with the SS 
> I use high nickel content, lot controlled anti-seeze.  O.K., O.K., I do 
> the
> anti-seeze for free.  The point is, if you are going to cheat anyone, 
> cheat yourself.
> Robert.....
> rwcohn@chinet.com