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Re: Audi 90

A few other things that I have found different in the new sport 90
as opposed to the 20valve (1991) version of the Audi 90.  I know
these are minor but I wonder why Audi chose to do this:

1)	The 3 gauges below the cassete-deck are now gone, in place
is an ashtray.  I noticed this when checking out a '94 sport quattro.
Are these gauges irrelevant, how many people actually look at these

2)	There is now a telescopic antenna, as opposed to the antenna
built into the front/rear windshields - This move probably provides
better reception, but also another to break-down more easily?

3)	The 'quattro' writing that once appeared on the rear window
and quarter windows is now absent (I actually liked that!)

4)	I might be imagining, but on the 20valve 90's was there not a
wooden shift knob?  The sport quattro I looked at had a plain black one.
Maybe this only comes with leather, who knows?  The rest of the car
had nice wooden trim on the dash/doors.

Have I missed anything from this list?  I guess on the additions list
you have dual airbags, and an outside temperature gauge, bitchin five-
spoke wheels.