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RE: TQC/IPC cost - Parking brake cable = $61.95

On 25 Oct 1994 Jeff_Skelley-C13386@email.mot.com wrote:

> <The parking brake on my '83 QTC (or is it called 
> <ur Quattro here?) seems to have the same problem... is
> <the replacement ritual identical to the one on the 200?
> <Where's the cheapest place to buy the cable? How much 
> <do these things cost?
> <
> <Neal Gaborno
> <'83 QTC 120Kmiles
I recently replaced the right-side parking brake cable on my '83 TQC.  I 
bought the cable from IPC for $61.95 (and shipping).  I've not been 
following the thread on this so no contrast comments are offered.  I can 
tell you that replacing the cable on my TQC was no big deal - everything 
comes apart in a straight-forward manner.   Releasing the tension on the 
existing cable and subsequent tightening is up is a bit tricky 'cause the 
drive line is in the way.  But it can be done.

'83 TQC 75kmiles