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Re: battery light when blinkers on

>The other night, I noticed that when I turn on my blinker the >battery light
glows very, very dimly. I thought at first this >was because the two lights
are so close together in the >instrument panel that the light from the
blinker indicator >was bleeding into the other. However, this does not happen
>when the hazard lights are on. After carefully peering at the >cluster, it
is clear that the blinker indicator is causing the >battery light to barely
light. The battery is brand new. This is >an '81 Coupe.

Welcome to the early coupe Funky electrics club!!
Try increasing the engine rpm by 100 or 200 rpm that MAY solve your problem,
It does for me. BTW does your alt. charge right after you start the car, I
have to blip the motor up to 2500-2700 rpm to get the alt. to start charging.

Eric Fletcher
'81 Coupe w/330k Miles (and a new battery every year!)
'87 5000CS Turbo Quattro