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Re: a very well written article on the new audi a8

>another snippet of news is that porsche and audi dealerships are
>expected to merge once again in the american market.

I hope so Eliot, that would be "win - win" for everyone. Heck, perhaps
Porsche would do what Audi won't and bring in the RS2. The car doesn't even
have to sell to bring people into the showroom.

I remember in the early to mid 80's, when Audi was resurecting a much needed
image for quality and style (the 100's of the 70's weren't exactly Audi's
best moment), they had these beastly looking cars that the press kept
talking about that made your heart pound.  Yeah you could have taken home a
944 and a VW GTI for less than the price as the Audi Quattro but everyone
had a GTI and almost anyone could get a 944. I went to Pioneer Porshe-Audi
in Denver just to look at the Quattro in '83 (I'd already been looking at
533i's). It took me 4 year to get back to Audi, but what I saw in '83
brought me into the Audi fold more than anything else.

Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org